Cost of showering (20 mins)

The costs if you take a 20 minute shower:

Finland: 240 litres (12L / min) =  USD 1.60 (includes water heating)
(Source: FIWA 2012)

Minneapolis, MN USA: 260 litres (13.2L / min) = USD 3.88 (includes water heating)
(Source: ATS ECOSOLUTIONS INC. 2011/2017)

During the shower 60% of the water used is hot, which requires 8.4 kWh of electricity. With that amount of energy you can power up a fridge for 4-14 days.
(Source: Motiva 2012/2017)

If a person showers once a day for 20 minutes, the cost for one month (30 days) would equal:

USD 116.54 per month (USA, includes water heating)
USD 48 per month (Finland,
includes water heating)

DHW* takes up a significant percentage of the total energy consumption
in an average household: up to 20%, or even more in families with larger number of children.
*domestic hot water

Average water use in Finnish households (total water use per person)

(source: Motiva)