Water and energy are limited resources

Water is scarce in many parts of the world and, with the added cost of heating it, a major expense. Most people understand and appreciate the problem but have lacked the tools to measure the real cost of eg. showers at home, in a hotel, and elsewhere.

Streamsave products provide immediate feedback in an encouraging way and help create awareness among users. The devices are extremely compact and can be easily added to almost any existing water supply, shower hoses, and pipelines.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited and the hardware and software can be tailored to numerous applications. This includes integration into Smart Home and facility control systems.

The measuring devices are IoT (Internet of Things) ready and data can be transferred to a cloud service or a mobile device. The devices also allow the user to set consumption limits and gentle reminders in the form of LED lights or alarms.

The offering includes a user interface and software for mobile devices, web browsers, and computers to guide the user to conserve water in an easy and demonstrative way.

Streamsave measuring devices are energy self-sufficient, require no batteries, are easily installed and plug-and- play ready.

>> Cost of showering (20 mins)