Track your water consumption and its heating in real time.

Save water and energy, save money and the environment.

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Introducing Streamsave

Streamsave offers a cost-effective way to measure water use in real time and provides hard data about consumption volume, time used, water cost, heating energy cost, and total cost.

For use in households, schools, hospitals, hotels and spas, irrigation systems and industry.

Intelligent solution designed for real time measurement of water consumption.

Scaleable to all types of plumbing fixtures.

Creates awareness about water and energy consumption and influences behaviour.

Save money, energy and environment

The costs if you take a 20 minute shower:

During the shower 60% of the water used is hot, which requires 8.4 kWh of electricity. With that amount of energy you can power up a fridge for 4–14 days.

(Source: Motiva 2012/2017)

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We were using Streamsave system at our hotel and the results were amazing. There was a clear decrease in water consumption and our guests were extremely happy to see  our attention to detail with environmental matters.

We were glad to surprise our guests by using Streamsave, its high technology and staying true to green values.

Pentti Säkkinen

Hotel Manager – Airport Hotel Oulu

The Streamsave system has been acquired at the Haukipudas unit of Oulu Vocational College (OSAO) as part of the EU-funded energy project 2020. Energy-saving technology for showers has been introduced to students. This is also a good visual way to show shower energy consumption by using a traffic light system. An added bonus in the system is the phone application which provides technical information on water and consumption. The amount of water used, the temperature, and also the amount of euros spent  for the shower are available inside the application. A very instructive new technical idea.

Arto Keränen


Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Streamsave is scaleable to all types of plumbing fixtures. The device can be used to share costs fairly and provide incentives to cut back based on actual data.

The device gives immediate visual feedback (LED lights) and sends data wirelessly to a optional wall display and the Streamsave app.

Installation in shower:

  1. Remove shower hose from water mixer
  2. Gently screw Flow Meter onto water mixer and shower hose to Flow meter, check tightness of the rubber seals
  3. Turn on water to start the self powered Flow Meter
  4. Green/red LED indicators turn on to show approximate water consumption
  5. Start phone App to collect and display consumption data in real time
  6. Shower can be stopped for up to one minute and will continue measurement as a single shower
  7. Study historical data including cost in the phone App between showers

Intelligent features

  • Temperature, time and water measurement
  • Power independent, powered by water flow
  • BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Instant feedback with LED lights
  • Can be integrated with local IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Wireless operation
  • Works without batteries
  • Plug & Play
  • Device memory stores long term historical data
    Communicates with the Streamsave phone App
  • Flow Meter can be recalibrated by user

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Streamsave App

The device gives immediate visual feedback (LED lights) and sends data wirelessly to an optional wall display and the Streamsave App. The Streamsave App shows you details of your water consumption, the cost of heating the water you have used and presents a consumption history for the selected time period. The App will provide real data to guide you in your use of water.

Android 5.0 and above | iOS 7 and above

Streamsave develops solutions for monitoring water flow in private homes, public facilities and industry. Streamsave – every drops counts.

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